Projecting Your Passion – An Interview with Kelly Pietrangeli

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Projecting Your Passion – An Interview with Kelly Pietrangeli

As busy mothers, wives, daughters, friends and business owners, women are often pulled in so many different directions that ‘Me Time’ is the stuff of pure fantasy.  Project Me creator Kelly Pietrangeli decided to change all that by helping women regain their balance through her website, workshops, online mentoring and her new book, Project Me […]

Dream it…Do it! An Interview with Beverly Ligman

It seems only fitting that in the first of a series of interviews with women we’re inspired by, we interview one of our own; Beverly Ligman who’s been writing and editing for Redluco (in-between being a journalist, author and PR guru) since 2013.  Bev’s first book, ‘Welcome to D-Town: a guide to divorce for the […]

Staying true to yourself.

In 2016 when I started following @chloelovestoshop it was because she made shopping in H&M easy, being too lazy to go there and hunt for hidden gems myself.  But as I ‘got to know her’ I found her likeable, relatable and fell in love with her style and taste.  I then discovered @thefashion_lift  @astylealbum and […]

From push to pull – GDPR is your new marketing normal

From 25 May 2018 new GDPR regulation will come into force meaning that companies will need legitimate relationships with those they contact or they will need to obtain consent in order to keep in touch. So will this be the end for outbound sales communication? Whether your product is mass market or niche, a strong […]

Silencing The Imposter Within

Wikipedia: Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalised fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Some call it a lack of confidence, others insecurity, but imposter syndrome is a real thing and all of us, no matter how confident we seem on the outside, have […]

Who are you talking to?

As Ginni Rometty (IBM) intuitively says “the marketer must understand each customer as an individual or risk being left in the dust.” When used correctly, Direct Marketing (DM) is an intelligent way to communicate personally and directly with your audience. You need to find the right balance for your target group in terms of content, […]

International Women’s Day

We all have at least one incredible woman in our life. I am blessed to have many. Both in my friendship circle and in business (the two often merge) I am surrounded by strong, smart, brilliant and, on occasion wild, women. And with having only recently re-launched my business following the birth of my twin […]

Big Data For Small Businesses

Are you harnessing the potential of the information you already have? Ask what you know about your client base? You might be surprised, even the most basic records could provide information on age, location, and purchase history. If you’ve sold them a product you also have an insight into their tastes. Multiple sales add weight […]

Thinking outside the box

Today’s marketplace is changing quicker than ever before. Technology has fueled whole new avenues of growth and those companies that are succeeding are embracing this change. With this in mind outsourcing can present a means to adapt your business quickly, with effective return on investment (ROI). We consider some of the reasons for this: Perspective […]

Sales; strategy and success

A clear Sales Strategy is one of the best investments your business can make. Not only is it a key input to your budgeting, it is a way to motivate and empower your sales team to ensure they meet and beat their targets. An STP (Strategic Territory Plan – the full working title) works on […]