Dream it…Do it!  An Interview with Beverly Ligman

Dream it…Do it! An Interview with Beverly Ligman

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It seems only fitting that in the first of a series of interviews with women we’re inspired by, we interview one of our own; Beverly Ligman who’s been writing and editing for Redluco (in-between being a journalist, author and PR guru) since 2013.  Bev’s first book, ‘Welcome to D-Town: a guide to divorce for the kind of young and still kind of hot…’ – turns one today, so we grabbed five minutes with her to find out all about the book, her success as a writer and how she gets over writer’s block!

Divorce is such an incredibly painful and private experience, why did you decide to share yours?

Well, there’s a guide to everything else in life right? So why not a guide to divorce. As I was going through my own divorce I realised there was no ‘guide’ to help you through it, so I decided to write one!

It’s a spectacularly terrible time for a lot of people and if my book gives even one person some solace and helps them feel better then its done its job.

The book is incredibly inspiring but more than anything very raw and honest.  Did you write it as you were going through each stage or later?

Thank you. I did write it as I was going through the stages, which is why they’re so very raw and honest. Writing really was therapy for me. I realised that there were certain stages of grieving that everyone goes through no matter how their marriage ended. And people don’t really know what to say to you a lot of the time. D-Townis meant to be like having your bestie on hand 24/7…so no matter how you feel, you can delve into it and get through those tough days.

What do you do if you get writer’s block?  What are your tricks to push past?

Writing really is all about the flow for me, but like all writers some days I’m just not feeling it. It’s a very mood driven career! On those days when I’m not feeling it, I like to step away from the keyboard, go and do some exercise and just let it go for a bit. I find if I take a break, it usually comes back to me. With D-Townthough, it just flowed out of me, there was a definite serendipity to this project for me.

Where and when do you write the best?

I write from my loft apartment, it’s gorgeous and girly and flooded with natural light. I’m not a morning person, so afternoons and evenings are best for me. When I’m really inspired I can literally write any time, but definitely later in the day is better for me.

Do you have a particular routine (ritual) before you write?

I pretty much always have music on, I do my hair and make-up and kind of act like I’m going to work before I sit at my desk (because I am really…) and I have to make sure that I take breaks and that my space is uncluttered or I get really distracted. I also love to have fresh flowers near me when I’m writing.

I think every single one of us believes we have a book inside, what tips would you give aspiring writers?

It’s like the Henry Ford quote says; “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right…” I ALWAYS knew that I would write a book and I always believed that I would. I had no idea that it would be about divorce, but it turns out that one of my darkest times was also the thing that inspired me to put pen to paper. If you want to write a book, then start. Start writing, visualise the story, the cover, book launch party and have the right people around you to make that happen. I think if you really want something enough, you’ll make it happen.

And what’s next? Is there a sequel up your sleeve?

Maybe… we shall see. I’m still working on PR for this one, and there’s a lot more to do, but never say never!


Interview by Samantha Wright