Big Data For Small Businesses

Big Data For Small Businesses

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Are you harnessing the potential of the information you already have?

Ask what you know about your client base? You might be surprised, even the most basic records could provide information on age, location, and purchase history. If you’ve sold them a product you also have an insight into their tastes. Multiple sales add weight to this with evolving styles, even favourite colours. Or perhaps it’s a gift that 9 times out of 10 is an anniversary that … wait for it … happens every year.

It might sound trivial but put the jigsaw together and you really do know a lot more than you might think.

Big data refers to information that you already have that can make a difference to your sales and marketing activities if used correctly. It will shape your DM campaigns, your offering, your sales pitch and will ultimately make your marketing and sales efforts targeted and therefore more efficient. Move from a model of broadcasting to all clients, to talking to each of them.

Be innovative. It may not always present itself (in fact it mostly won’t) which means you may have to invest time mining the data, but it’s a worthy return on your time.   Look at your customer data, is there a pattern to their purchasing i.e. dates, products, spending more, spending less. If there is a purchasing pattern to your current clients, can you assume this will apply to future clients too? This information not only helps you communicate in a more timely and effective way but offers guidance for the evolution of your product/service line.

Are your products/services seasonal? Are they more popular around certain times of the year? Are you launching a new product/service? For example, say you’re a furniture company launching a new range you could send a very generic mailing to your prospects. But to your customers who had previously bought furniture that the new range would complement, you could send a more personalised mailing.

The simplest automatically generated email can make a client repeat buy. My husband bought me some jewelry from my twin boys for my birthday last year from Merci Maman, this year he got an email 1 month before my birthday advertising the company’s new products. A few clicks later and he had ordered something for my upcoming birthday. They didn’t know his initial purchase was for my birthday but they did know the date and cleverly sent the generic, automated email 1 month before the anniversary of this purchase. Minimal effort with optimum results.

Think about the most powerful advertising engine in the world, Google, who use your search history to match potential consumer goods to you. None of this is rocket science and most likely your own most powerful sales & marketing tool is right under your nose.