International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

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We all have at least one incredible woman in our life. I am blessed to have many. Both in my friendship circle and in business (the two often merge) I am surrounded by strong, smart, brilliant and, on occasion wild, women. And with having only recently re-launched my business following the birth of my twin boys, this year’s international woman’s day feels very poignant to me.

My girl gang are all incredibly inspiring both in their chosen professions* and in their other roles as friends, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers etc… No matter what my need, they offer support with sound advice or a glass of bubbles, and often both. My mum was a fiercely strong woman who succeeded in all areas of her life, often against adversity and was always, unwaveringly, kind. Kindness is the one trait my circle has in abundance.

As our roles in business and within the home evolve so to are statistics. Within 40% of US households with children, women are the sole or primary breadwinners. Our changing habits are driving change in sectors such as retail and consumables as we outsource more housework and conduct our banking and shopping more online now than ever before. We are also spending more time working and sleeping and less on leisure, shopping and chores versus 10 years ago.

According to the 2013-14 Center for Talent Innovation Study over 40% of US women don’t have a financial advisor and are holding a greater proportion of their assets in cash (note to all financial advisors – GAP.IN.MARKET.)

Women still only make up 22% of S&P 500 boards which, albeit slowly, is moving in the right direction from 14% in 2008. Telecom, Staples and Utilities currently have the most diverse boards.

For me, today is about celebrating and feeling grateful for the incredible women in my life.


* Please note that within ‘chosen professions’ I include my friends who have selflessly parked their careers to bring up their children and become full time mums!


Written by Samantha Wright